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Public Transportation

There are different public transportation options in Antalya and visitors are encouraged to make use of a combination of them in order to meet their internal travel needs.   For the most part, though, the public bus system is the best method of getting to most areas of Antalya.  

The publis bus system in Antalya has underone a few changes in recent years which have improved efficiency and understanding of routes. All bus route information can be found at http://www.antalya-ulasim.com/antalya...

Most of the areas of the city (and beyond) are easily reached by bus. Bus fare is currently 2 Lira by cash and 1.80 charge if you have a bus card (you can get a bus card at some of the tram stations or in the A-KENT office in Lara). Buses vary in size according to the route. Most get very crowded during 'rush' hour so if possible avoid them between 7 and 9.30 in the morning and 16.30-19.00 in the evening. Fare is payable to the driver as you get on the bus and although they carry change for notes it's usually better to have a small rather than large denomination note to be changed. Local etiquette give up your seat to someone older, pregnant women, soeone with a small child and disabled passengers. There are designated seats on the bigger buses an although it may appear people ignore the rules it is expected that should a passenger get on the bus with any of the conditions for these seats they will be given them. To stop the bus there are bell buttons near the exit doors. The bigger buses only stop at designated bus stops while the smaller white and orange ones may stop anywhere on the route. 

The third method of transportation is the tram which goes to a limited number of locations but is useful because it does hit many major attractions, such as the Antalya Museum. There are 2 tram lines, in the old one you can pay by cash, but in the new one you have to have a bus card to go through the gate of the bus stop.