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 What is YÖS?

It is Foreign Students Bachelor Entry Exam to Turkish Universities.

The Foreign Student Examination YOS is an exam taken by foreign students wishing to attend higher education institutions in Turkey for undergraduate programs. The result of the YOS is the basis to admission to those institutions.

The exam is administrated by the Measuring, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).

What YÖS exam includes questions on mathematics, geometry, logic. Because of the large number of foreign students who wish to enroll in universities in Turkey, YÖS exam is every year becoming increasingly important.

Why Exam YÖS?

Firstly, the YÖS exam questions for international students is usually lighter than questions of entrance examinations for students of Turkish nationality.

Secondly, in the YÖS exam international students face relatively less competition than students from Turkey and accordingly are accepted more easily.

Third, the quota of foreign students who are accepted in Turkish universities on the basis of the YÖS exam is independent of the number of Turkish students.

What is the YÖS exam about?

YÖS exam has two parts. The first part includes questions from different fields of knowledge and is checking fundamental and mathematical skills (including IQ and geometry).

Test "Basic learning skills" assesses abstract reasoning. Questions have a minimal dependence on language and explanations will be given in Turkish and English/Arabic/Russian.

The YÖS Exam includes 80 Questions. It takes 90 minutes.